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Individual Girl Program

Girl Scouts of South Carolina—Mountains to Midlands is excited to offer the opportunity to individual girls who don’t have the opportunity to be a part of traditional troop activities through our Individual Girl Program. The Individual Girl Program (IGP) was introduced in December 2015. Our hope is that it will provide girls who are not attached to the troop to join the fun, explore the five skills, make some new friends, and bond together. As a registered Girl Scout through this program, you can sell cookies, attend council-sponsored programs, series, and summer camp. We will even have a special IGP event for girls to meet other individually registered Girl Scouts.  This program is one step closer to helping us best serve girls in every area, and at every juncture in life.

If you want to participate through this pathway please contact our Customer Experience Team at 1-800-849-GIRL (4475). We want to get you connected!