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100 year Anniversary

I know there are lots of you that are planning to attend the Rock the Mall 100th Anniversary Sing-a-Long in Washington, DC on June 9, 2012.  I have listed a link below that can take you directly to the website of the Council of the Nation’s Capital who will be hosting the event.


For those of you that wonder what a sing-a-long is all about, take a look at this video:


Video of the 95th anniversary


You can look at how many folks there are, what they wearing, what type of singers and songs there will be, etc.  More details will be coming out in January 2012.  Bits and pieces or answers to questions may come out on the Facebook page – Girl Scouts Rock the Mall - 100th Anniversary Sing-Along 2012


From the looks of the video, it looks like there are a lot of girls and adults that are wearing special t-shirts instead of wearing their vests.  I know there will be a chance to possibly go out and wear the vests, but being in the heat so long just might not make the vests look so swell. It may be that the special shirts will be sold in advance so you can wear them that day, or you may want to look into having your own service unit or troop shirts.


At the leader retreat on August 27, we will discuss the Sing-a-Long and present some ideas.  I know there will be those that will want to do fundraising for the trip.  First, I recommend the Fall Product Sale.  This is where you get the money up front instead of waiting on a check like the cookies.  I highly recommend finding ways to sell those nut products.  


I have had several people ask me if they could sponsor a night at a restaurant where 10% or so of the money will be donated to the troop.  I have asked and got my answer today.  That cannot be allowed.  Our fundraisers cannot promote a particular business.  They are geared for the girls and adult volunteers to actually provide a service or create their own product to sell.  There isn’t much effort on the part of the girls going into a fundraiser where you just get folks to go there to eat.


Any fundraisers you plan cannot be during the Fall Product Sale or the Cookie Sale.  They can be before the Fall Product Sale begins in September or between the FPS and Cookies, or immediately after Cookies.  You will also need to submit a money earning permission form to me before you plan the event.


We will be discussing types of fundraisers at the retreat, as well as discussing making S.W.A.P.S.  You can’t go to an event like that without gobs of S.W.A.P.S.  Don’t know what a S.W.A.P. is?  Come to the retreat.  We will be making some.


If you are not planning on going to Washington, that is fine.  Some do not feel comfortable going that far with the children of others.  You may want to attend some statewide functions that will be going on next year.  There will be some all year long.  We are partnering with Girl Scouts of Eastern Carolina in our celebration.




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