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August Service Unit Meeting
By: JoAnne Boulware 8/9/2012

Service Unit 649 Meeting

Called to order at 7pm on 8/9/12 by Suzy Busby.

For attendance see sign in sheet.

Suzy Busby welcomed everyone for coming to the meeting and gave out the agenda for tonight and the calendar for the year to all present. All then stood up and played an Icebreaker. The game involved someone holding a large ball of string or yarn and calling out someone’s name and then throwing them the string while holding the end, that person then calls someone else’s name and throws the ball while still holding onto the string. This is done until all names are called and all people are holding the string. This makes a large web and shows everyone that all of us are connected and need to work together to make the Troops and Service Unit work.

Everyone then received a copy of the agenda, meeting calendar and the SU camp out sheet.

We then broke up into 3 groups and spent 15 minutes working. 1 group started work on recruitment posters for the SU Recruitment day at Platt Springs on Saturday the 25th, from 10-1p. Each troop needed a poster for the event and she also made everyone aware that we need at least one person from each troop there. We would bring the posters. Another group was with JoAnne Bouleware to talk about the State Fair planning. All troops need to sign up for the SU day on October 11th. The 3rd group was with Vicki Newman and worked on the On Time Event at Camp Kinard. Everyone was made aware that it would cost $1.50 instead of $1 so that the girls would get a patch. The SU will buy the food and all supplies the troops however, would have to supply the tents.

Next Suzy introduced the Service Team to all present at the meeting. (See your agenda for names and positions.) This years calendar was introduced, and special notice was made of the campout. If any girls have food allergies or special needs the troops are asked to note it.

Sign up sheets were provided for SU date at the State Fair. Other activities that will be going on include the Father-Daughter Dance, Daisy/Brownie Playday, New Year Party, Fall Product sale, Twilight Camp, Cookies, Sock Hop, and Volunteer support.

Every other month on the calendar it was noted that we would have some kind of training at the meeting. All new leaders will need Moutains to Midlands 101. If you can’t go to the class Suzy Busby is now a trainer. Returning leaders need to pick up the 3 forms set out they include the Accident form, Position agreement and Volunteer essentials. All need to sign up so that if needed we can contact you and/or email you information.

Joann Bouleware spoke about the registration forms and handed out copies to all. Make sure when parents fill them out all the information is there, otherwise she can’t finish entering in the troop and registration will not be completed for that troop. She asked that special importance be placed on grade, phone numbers and pictures taken. 1 person is the Primary Leader (PL) noted for each troop. At recruitment day we can get these forms filled out it doesn’t have to wait until the meeting. She also stated that there are Coupons for returning girls and registering girls on time. They will be $4 toward the Jouneys/ $15 toward leader sets. She needs a DUE summary for all troop forms handed in. If a girl has moved up or graduated it’s ok she just needs the numbers to add up.

Paula Freeman spoke about the Fall Product Sale. It’s the nuts/candies and magazine Fund Raiser before the cookie sales. This gets each troop $1 per item sold and $2 for each magazine. The magazine booklets need to be completely filled in to get the money. This is our 4th year doing this sale. If you want your troop to be able to sell you need to register. There will be samples of the nuts and candies at the September meeting. The leaders of the troops that registered last year will need to do the on-line training, first time leaders will do the face to face training. We had 3 troops do it last year. The face to face training is here on 9/8 for 2 sessions. Paula has further information if you would like. Products will go on sale 9/21, all the dates are on the calendar. If you need to contact Paula her she can be reached at 739-0163 (home) or e-mail her at

Recruitment needs people at Lexington 2 next week. If you want to go Suzy has bags made up to take to the event with all you need in it (flyers, surveys, table cloth and sign). She has put a note in so that you will know what to do as well. The interest forms are so we can contact them and follow up on their interest. Encourage them to come on 8/25 to Recruitment day. We really increased our numbers last year and this day helped us do it. We hope that it will again and we can keep our numbers up. Several of our meeting spots can accommodate more troops so let them know that as well. If they don’t want to fill in the survey give them a flyer. We are sending them out so that all the schools will send them home on the first day also.

The State Fair need 5 adults at all times. There will be no dropping off of girls and leaving. They also need to be able to answer questions from the public. Page 6-7 of the Focal Points gives some information. All girls need to wear their uniforms at the event. Also this will get them in free on any day of the fair. Leaders wear their shirt and pin to get in. Council is doing events on some days and the Service Units on others. We need a lot of girls on the Sing Along Day. October 11th, at the fair, will replace our SU meeting. From 6-8 we need an activity for the girls to do. Each troop will take a poster to complete to decorate the area with. DO NOT CUT IT OUT, use the entire space. They need to be brought back to JoAnne. Each troop also needs to make 100 swaps for the event to hand out. You can look on the internet for ideas. If you are bringing girls make sure the permission slips are filled out and you have the correct number of chaperones.

Go to the GS website and click on volunteers, and then on SU 649 if there are any questions. Your sign in is your Member# and password. JoAnne has a calendar up and will keep it updated as quickly as she can. Click on Primary Leader and you will be able to see the girls registered. The forums are good for questions and help needed.

Then Emily and Sara were introduced they are working on their Bronze Award, they brought letters explaining their project to give to the leaders. They are making blankets for Project Linus, they’re given to kids in the hospital.

We closed the meeting with the Circle and recited the Law and Mission.

Minutes submitted by Melissa Bryson




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