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Mountains to Midlands Participant Guide
All pages referenced are from Volunteer Essentials
1) Men can be Girl Scout troop volunteers. Who can they serve with? p. 16

2) Identify important responsibilities of your role as a Girl Scout Volunteer? p. 16

3) Identify the ways members of a volunteer support team will benefit you and the girls. p. 18

4) Which key to leadership translates into making the world a better place. p. 21

5) How do girls learn during the learning by doing process? p. 23

6) National Leadership Journeys ensure that every Girl Scout: p.25

7) When a Girl Scout earns a badge, it demonstrates that she has learned a new skill. p.25

8) The quality of a girl's experience outweighs the quantity of badges she earns. p. 25

9) The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards are Girl Scouting's highest awards. p. 33

10) What ceremony is used to welcome new girls and adults to your troop? p. 35

11) When is the Girl Scout sign used? p. 37

12) Identify some of the important factors to consider when choosing a meeting place? p. 39

13) Identify characteristics of Girl Scout Junior development. p. 42

14) As a Girl Scout volunteer, what can you do to communicate effectively with girls of any age? p. 47 - 48

15) Parent permission is required before discussing a potentially sensitive topic. p. 49

16) Identify two of the circumstances in which council permission is needed for trips. p. 52

17) What can you do to create an accepting and inclusive environment? p. 53

18) Identify three important responsibilities of a Girl Scout volunteer. p. 56 - 58

19) Parents are not responsible for transporting their daughters to and from the Girl Scout meeting place. p. 59

20) How many adults do you need for a troop meeting of 22 Brownies? p, 60

21) When transporting girls on a planned Girl Scout field trip, all drivers must be an approved adult volunteer. p. 61

22) A Trip/Travel or Camping Approval Request is submitted to the community development manager (CDM) when council permission is required for a Girl Scout trip. p. 62

23) Girls must be identified as Girl Scouts by wearing a membership pin, official uniform, tunic or sash, vest or other Girl Scout clothing when selling Girl Scout cookies and other council approved products. p. 64

24) A girl's physical address, email address, social media page address, IM name, Skype name or number, cell number or phone number must never be exposed to the public. p. 65-66

25) Girls 13 and older may work in partnership with an adult to market cookies or other products to their immediate circle of friends and family using online social networks. p. 66

26) In our council, we recommend that a health history form is completed whenever a registration form is filled out. p. 67-68

27) Girl Scout Activity Insurance provides up to a specified maximum for medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident while a member is participating in an approved, supervised Girl Scout activity, after the individual's primary insurance has paid out. p. 68-69

28) It is important to establish and practice procedures for weather emergencies and for circumstances such as fire evacuation, lost persons, and building security responses. p. 69-70

29) What report must be completed in the event of an accident or incident? p. 69-70

30) In addition to standard materials, what additional information should a troop first aid kit contain? p. 72

31) What form outlines the procedures for setting up a troop bank account? p. 73

32) List three of the seven criteria in which a girl can participate in council sponsored product sales or additional money-earning activities. p. 78-79

33) Identify the three sources of funding for Girl Scout troops. p. 78-79

34) A Money-Earning Activity Approval Request Form is completed in order for girls to earn additional funds. To who is the form turned into and by when? p. 79

35) Setting goals is an important step in helping girls reach their financial goals? p. 80

36) Neither leaders nor girls, while identified as Girl Scouts, can raise funds for another organization. p. 82

37) Identify a way or ways in which a troop committee can benefit you. p. 83

38) What is the purpose of using troop governance? p. 85

39) A Girl Scout uniform is required when girls are participating in ceremonies or officially representing the Girl Scout movement. p. 98

40) Our council's standard for First Aid strongly recommends that all troops have an adult currently certified in CPR/FA present at all Girl Scout meetings and activities. p. 98-99

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