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Supercharged STEM Series powered by Dominion: Science of Style Badge (Senior: grades 9-10)

Thu May 13, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Dominion Energy is powering amazing experiences led by professionals in the STEM field.
We call it Supercharged STEM. Experts will guide Girl Scouts through a STEM based Badge, available for each grade level.  Additionally, Girl Scout Juniors and Cadettes can explore the STEM world working through a Journey

Science of Style for Seniors (grade 9-10): Imagine farming silkworms to make raw silk, engineering a biodegradable fabric, or using chemistry to develop a make-up foundation that hides and heals acne scars. Fashion and beauty are glamorous businesses, but it is the science behind these industries that makes their products cutting edge and desirable. In this badge, use science of style to create- and imagine- your own cutting edge products!

Explore the Science of Style through testing skin care products and make-up, examine the science behind fabrics and accessories, hair products and perfumes, investigate the sociology behind style and formulate future styles!


*Please be sure to provide the best address when purchasing tickets, and any materials and badges will be sent to the address provided.