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How to use our Facilities


Site Availability

To check on availability call 864-770-1400 or email. Property reservations may be made four months in advance of the desired date of use for overnight stays – three months in advance for day-use at Camp Mary Elizabeth and Camp Wistagoman.


Cancellation Policy

Written request to cancel reservation must be received 4 weeks in advance of reservation date in order to receive a refund.


Final Payment

Final payment is due four weeks prior to your reservation date (or immediately if rental is less than four weeks away).


Obtaining Keys

At Camp WaBak, keys will be issued at check-in by the site manager. He will also do a walk-through with you at check-out when you return the keys.

For all our other sites, keys and a Site Check-Out form will be ready to be picked up at your local service center on the Wednesday before your scheduled arrival – or mailed if you live outside the Greenville or Spartanburg areas and you choose this option. The keys and check-out form should be dropped off/mailed back two days after your stay. If keys are not returned, there will be a charge of $10 per key to cover the cost of replacement.


Arrival at Camp

You may arrive at camp no earlier than 3:00 PM on the day your reservation starts and you must depart by 1:00 PM on the day your reservation ends. Early arrival and late checkout may be available depending on scheduled site usage.

A member of the Property Staff will contact you before your visit to re-confirm your reservation. At this time, you can confirm check-in details or ask any further questions you may have.


Security Deposit

Your security deposit will be returned if building is left in acceptable manner as determined by the Site and Facilities staff and all keys are returned. The security deposit will be refunded, if applicable, within one month of the usage.


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