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A word from the CEO

Whether it’s on the news, social media, or even knocking on your front door, chances are you have seen an influx of girls out in the community. January through March, also known as Girl Scout Cookie Order Time, always brings a drastic increase in visibility for our council. And while the cookies are undoubtedly the best cookies known to (wo)man, the real story isn’t in the cookies themselves, but the experiences they provide girls and the skills the Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches. In fact, 100% of the proceeds from the Cookie Program stay local, and between our council and the troops who benefit from those funds, Girl Scouts is providing girls with proven growth and meaningful leadership experiences. 

So next comes the big question, how exactly do those funds that stay 100% local benefit girls? 

I need you to think back to geometry class.  What is the most stable, strongest shape?  A triangle.  Using that analogy, our Cookie Sale Program is a three-way win for our Girl Scout program locally:


While skill-building is our goal, girls are much more excited about what they can achieve and earn in recognition of their new skills.  In addition, they earn credit that they can apply as ‘currency’ for an activity or program of their preference.  An opportunity to attend Girl Scout resident camp or summer program to test her independence helps her unleash the power of G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™.  I want you to see the proven difference that Girl Scouting makes in the life of a girl compared to girls who were never Girl Scouts.

On the troop level, the Girl Scout Cookie Program not only teaches critical skills like money management and goal setting, but gives troops the funds to explore their possibilities and discover what sparks their interests. Whether it’s a trip to a new place that expands her world-view; a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) project that will change the way girls experience the world.   Did you know that girls redistribute their hard-earned troop proceeds annually to the community?  Based on troop year end reports, community service and projects remain in the top three activities with the troop procceds.


The Cookie Program  empowers our council to promote and encourage the number one strategic goal of outdoor adventure!  Proceeds at the council level underwrite the occupancy, insurance and maintenance costs of our program and property sites so that we can keep girl fees at a nominal, reduced rate.   In addition, the proceeds support the staff team that partners with our volunteers.  With a ratio of nearly 350 volunteers to 1 staff, the paid employees work to support, empower and make it as easy as possible to be a leader in the largest volunteer-driven organization for girls in the world.  

For every box of Girl Scout Cookies you buy, I would like to personally thank you for supporting the next generation of female leaders, and helping to power incredible experiences for girls right here in South Carolina. Make sure to keep up with what our council is doing to prepare girls to empower themselves with the Cathy Novinger Leadership Center on our social media, or through our Leadership Center page here on our website. Together we will change the world for the good by investing in our future- girls!


Kim Hutzell
President & CEO