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G.I.R.L. Expo at the Cathy Novinger Girl Scout Leadership Center

rock wall

While the Cathy Novinger Girl Scout Leadership Center benefits the community and state at-large, our primary focus is, and always will be, the girls. The official press conference and public opening of the Leadership Center may have been on the last weekend in October, but our own girls and volunteers were able to come together for a massive girl-focused kick-off event in September, known as the first-ever G.I.R.L. Expo. As the doors opened to membership for the first time, girls and adults filed in by the hundreds, filling each program space. In the lobby, girls cheered each other on as they summited the indoor rock wall. Upstairs, in the arts and crafts studio, girls turned clay on a potter’s wheel to create something as unique as they are and ignite their creativity. Exploration, adventure, and exuberance were the themes of the day as guests explored the healthy living kitchens, bunk rooms, girls’ lounges, and STEM lab, and participated in programming from room to room.

Each donation, every brick, and years of careful preparation were all suddenly realized as girls used the magnificent facility for the very first time. A picture may be worth one thousand words, but we believe the feedback from our volunteers speaks volumes: (Can we have these quotes stand out?)

“What a great event!! Our girls had a blast and can’t wait to go back. Very well run program!!!” -Kris B., Columbia, SC

“We were blown away by the Leadership Center. We feel so fortunate that our girls will get to come here for programs and camp in the future. Thank you for this amazing space!” Melissa G., Greenville, SC