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The New Troop Challenge

NewTroop 2019 Shareable V3

If we want more leaders, we NEED more Girl Scouts. Tested with time, and proven in the lives of our alumni and research, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is life-changing for girls and powers positive change in our communities, society, and world. Now, with the New Troop Challenge, delivering the Girl Scout Experience to more girls not only gives more girls the opportunities to learn leadership to last a lifetime, but will also empower your Service Units with new funds. 


Between September 1 and October 31 you can:

  • Help start a new Girl Scout troop. The new troop will receive $50 in start-up funds.
  • $25.00 will be awarded to Service Units for every new troop that starts. At least half the girls and volunteers in a new troop must be new members to qualify for the incentives.
  • A current volunteer may invite 2 adult friends to join the troop leadership team. The primary adult and each friend (max of 2 friends) receives a $25 online gift card to the Girl Scout Shop upon completion the new adult membership registrations. All adults must be new members to Girl Scouts and, “on my honor,” become active volunteers.