Intro to Cabin Camp Training: Wistagoman
Intro to Cabin Camp Training: Wistagoman
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Date: Sat Mar 25, 1:00 PM EDT - 5:00 PM EDT
  • Outdoor
  • Volunteers

Learn what you need to know to introduce your girls to camping. This course will emphasize meal planning and preparation, the use of kaper charts, propane stoves, fire safety, knot tying, knife safety, and "Leave No Trace"ethics. This is a hands-on course where you will prepare and eat a full meal.

Please dress for the weather including closed-toe shoes. Bring a water bottle, mess kit, a writing utensil, bandana or hat, and any other outdoor supplies you might need, such as sunscreen or bug spray.


This training is for adult members only. It will be held on March 25 at Camp Wistagoman in Anderson. The cost is $12 per person.


Intro to Cabin Camping is a prerequisite for Tent Training.