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Program Kits

What is a program kit?

Think of a program kit as “programs in a box”. We’ve designed program kits to make Girl Scouting easier for both new and experienced troop leaders. These kits are designed to enhance the Girl Scout Leadership Experience with hands-on activities for 10-15 girls.

Kits are adaptable and can be used once or over a series of meetings or camp days, providing enriching activities for Girl Scouts in a variety of settings. Each kit contains instructions, resources, and non-consumable items needed to deliver the program to girls. You will be provided a list of additional supplies needed when you check out the kit.

Leaders should request kits at least 3 weeks in advance of the anticipated pickup date using the link below. Requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Materials may not be available for all dates. Program kits can be picked up at a Council office near you.

Kits will either have a fee of $5 to $15 and/or a deposit of $100 to rent. The fees and deposits are to ensure all materials and equipment are returned and in working order. Fees help us ensure that all kits are ready to go before check out and deposits are for replacement of supplies if a program kit is returned damaged or destroyed.  

Use these links below to learn more about the kits offered or to request one.

For further questions, contact the Program Team who works with kits by emailing or calling the Customer Care Team at 800-849-GIRL(4475).