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CME & Me

CME pool

What is CME & Me?

When you think of camp, what comes to mind? Maybe summer camp with friends, roasting s’mores, sleeping under the stars, swimming at the local pool, or spending time outside with your best friends. Perhaps many of your memorable times were made possible through the Girl Scouts. Maybe even you, a sister, or daughter learned to swim at Camp Mary Elizabeth (CME).

Camp Mary Elizabeth is our beautiful, 56-acre camp in the middle of the Spartanburg community and it needs some love so that future generations of girls can enjoy camping, swimming, and exploring for years to come.

To do that, we want to improve many of the buildings and shelters at camp to be a little more comfortable & homey.

Join us for CME & Me: a community effort to make CME a place for all girls to enjoy for years to come!

Ways you can support CME & Me
  • Share your story of attending CME: CME & Me is about Camp Mary Elizabeth, but more importantly, the people who make it a memorable place to preserve. The stories from people in our community - your stories of camping at CME - are woven into the fabric of our camps’ future.

    Share your story today: Email Alyssa McKenzie by March 15, 2021.

  • Invest in the future of CME by giving today.

  • Join us for an in-person tour to explore our beloved camp! Dates are to be decided.
Join us for a tour

You're invited to come tour Camp Mary Elizabeth
Tours are 30 minutes and begin at the Camp Mary Elizabeth Lodge

To schedule a tour email Alyssa McKenzie

Pictures and videos
Stories from CME

Stores coming soon!

Have a story to tell about CME?  Email Alyssa McKenzie

Map of CME