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How do you connect with your Girl Scouting community? 

Social media, email, texting—sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the different ways to communicate. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one tool and one place that allowed you to get the information you need when you need it AND allow you to communicate with us and your fellow volunteers and parents?

Rallyhood is an all-in-one platform for Girl Scout communication and collaboration, combining many of the tools Girl Scout service units and troop leaders use to communicate with other volunteers and families; manage event promotion, registration, and payment; share photos; post, respond, and collaborate with other volunteers and parents; and more.

Click through the links below to view information videos about Rallyhood, read through some frequently asked questions, and learn who to contact when you need help.


Learning Videos

Why did Girl Scouts of South Carolina-Mountains to Midlands choose Rallyhood?  With volunteer support, we launched Rallyhood to provide an additional level of support to service units and troops at a time when staying connected online is more important than ever. Rallyhood has been working with Girl Scout councils for 5+ years—they’re familiar with the Girl Scout movement and the needs of its volunteers. Rallyhood has created an ecosystem customized to our council and volunteer groups, and will continue to work with council staff to improve how the system works for our volunteers.

How does the Rallyhood community work? There are a number of council-level community hubs categorized by types of volunteer roles and activities where council staff will post content for volunteer groups or Girl Scout families. In addition to these council-level Rallyhood communities, each service unit may have its own community hub with additional rallies (sub-groups) within it, such as rallies for troop leaders, troop cookie managers, families, event coordinators, day camp/encampment volunteer committees, and others that are specific to that service unit. Within these community hubs and rallies, a service unit or troop can promote events, post information, start conversations, take registration and payment for activities, create calendars, etc. There is no limit to the number of rallies allowed to be created within a community hub, and these can be created by anyone who is an admin on the account.

How do I create a Rallyhood community for my service unit? Girl Scouts of South Carolina-Mountains to Midlands has already created a Rallyhood community hub for each service unit. Service unit managers will receive an email invitation to access and start using their Rallyhood site, which they can choose to use, ignore if not interested (It’ll be there later if you change your mind!), or delegate to another volunteer on their service unit team.

Who can see my Rallyhood community hubs and rallies?   Community hubs and rallies can be set to public or private. If set to public, anyone could find that hub or rally in a search, join it, and access content. If set to private, an individual would need to be invited in order to access the hub or rally. This way you can control who is a member of individual rallies, such as inviting all troop cookie managers within your service unit to a rally specific to them.

We are already using other platforms to communicate. How can I move files, photos, and information to Rallyhood?  There is not an automatic way to move content from other platforms to Rallyhood, since they are competing companies. You will need to move content manually to Rallyhood by downloading from your existing platform(s) and uploading to Rallyhood. The good news—it might be a good time to clean up and reorganize your photos and files!

How do I upload Rallyhood users in bulk?  To invite people without having to do it individually, click on the Rally you want to send invites to and verify you are an Admin of the Rally. Only Admins can send out invitations. You can tell if you are an Admin by looking at the summary under the Rally image.

Steps to Bulk Invite

  1. Click on the Friends tool located
  2. Click on "+Invite Friends" button on the left hand side, underneath the Message Wall tool
  3. When you do, you'll see a few options to invite, select "Bulk Email"
  4. Once selected, copy and paste emails in the upper white box - making sure that each email is separated or enter each email address on a separate line
  5. Edit the Email Invitation if you like and determine if you want to invite everyone as a Friend or Admin
  6. Then click Invite

Everyone whose email was listed will receive a Rallyhood email invitation to join the Rally.

How much does Rallyhood cost?  Rallyhood usage is free for all registered users. The only cost associated would be processing fees for Stripe if you choose to use the payment feature for events or activities.

Rallies to Join

GSSC-MM - Council Wide Events
GSSC-MM - Troop Leader Community
Friends of Camp WaBak
Invitation Only: GSSC-MM - Council-Wide Service Unit Team
Invitation Only: GSSC-MM - Service Unit Managers
Invitation Only: GSSC-MM - Service Unit Cookie Managers
More rallies coming soon!