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Camp & Program Facilities

We use CampSpot for property reservations.

When searching for a property, choose your dates and select only 2 adults for the guest information. Do not enter girl numbers. You will see all available properties on that date(s).

Read through the descriptions and find the locations that will accommodate your group.

For day only reservations, please select the date  you want to use the facility as the first date and then select the day after as the second date. The system is defaulted to overnight reservations but the descriptions will guide you to the day only sites.

Rental prices are below:

GSSC-MM Troop and SU Rental Guide

Out of Council Troop and SU Rental Guide

Non-Profit Rental Guide

For Profit Rental Guide

As always, outdoors is best for groups but if you are using indoor facilities, constant cleaning and sanitizing must occur. Signage and specific instructions will guide you at each facility.


As always, reach out with questions and concerns to or call 1.800.849.GIRL.