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Summer Camp

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Each camp session requires a non-refundable deposit at the time of registration and will be applied to your session cost. Deposits cannot be transferred to another camper.

  • $25 deposit is required for all one week day camp programs.
  • $50 deposit is required for the Half Summer or Full Summer Package at CME Day Camp. 
  • $50 deposit is required for resident camp programs.

Camp is a Powerful Thing!

As a team who has made camping part of their profession, we can go on and on about summer camp. We can tell you about our themes. We can tell you about our horses and our adventures, our pools and our games. We can rattle off important statistics from Girl Scouts’ research that shows the numerous positive impacts camping and outdoor experiences have on girls, such as:

  • Camp builds problem-solvers! Girls with more frequent outdoor experiences are more likely to seek challenges and are better at solving problems – qualities that will help them embark on a lifetime of leadership, both academically and personally.
  • Camp exposes girls to new experiences! 72% of girls say Girl Scouts gave them a chance to build their skills or try new outdoor activities.
  • Camp builds courage and confidence! Spending time in nature improves a girl’s concentration and creative reasoning. Outdoor experiences also help promote healthy social development and increase her self-esteem.

All of those statements speak to The POWER of CAMP, but as youth development professionals, there’s something else we can tell you: those stats aren’t enough to convince you that camp is a good decision for your daughter.

We challenge you to ask your friends and families about their camp experiences. What do they remember? What is their favorite memory? Do they stay in touch with any of their camp friends?  

We want to be help of your camper create her own stories – more stories about The POWER of CAMP.

We believe that camp has positive impacts on our G.I.R.L.s, and we also believe that there is something about being in the outdoors where you make new friends, try new things, and laugh until you cry that speaks to The POWER of CAMP that cannot be put in a statistic … but can only be told in a story.

We hope you make our camps part of your story this summer.

-The Camp Team

Deanna Ludwick
Program Services Director

Michelle Pugh
Camp WaBak Director


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Call 1-800-849-GIRL (4475)